SaveOro predicted property values in Oro would plummet.  Easy for the average citizen to believe I guess and makes for great scare tactics. But once again SaveOro has been proven inaccurate and they were just indulging in fear mongering as always.

SaveOro stated, in no uncertain terms "your quiet rural lifestyles and property values are about to be destroyed!!!" 


“The large number of tickets that (organizers) are selling and all the rest indicate that we are basically going to be in a gridlock. If we’re going to be that gridlocked, how is the community going to access emergency medical services if need be?”

​Ann Honeywood, SaveOro - Orillia Packet -http://www.orilliapacket.com/2015/02/17/flyer-being-distributed-to-township-residents

When will this come to an end? Even after two extremely successful concerts, SaveOro insists they were inconvenienced by the traffic plan. To begin, once again lets take our proof from our petition responses; particularly a resident who lives in the direct vicinity. 

"We had no traffic restrictions on Ridge Road whatsoever. There was far more traffic created on Ridge Road during the period of highway construction all fall long. Economic advantages far out way any possible interruptions to our 'quiet' lifestyle in my opinion." - Bill Carlson

Hey SaveOro, perhaps you should read our petition responses, unlike yours ours is public for you to see. This is one of dozens of comments from locals that never had an issue with traffic.

The absurd statement that "the Developer" predicted these line ups is not only ridiculous but outright false. It is hard to believe that you heard any of the traffic plans over your childish booing and aggressive behaviour at these meetings. Burl's Creek employees not only had to endure your yelling but also physical confrontation. Not to mention, when representatives from Burl's Creek asked to speak to you directly and openly, you would not allow them to do so. How can we trust your information if you wouldn't accept a meeting to receive that very same information?

Burl's Creek spared no expense in hiring one of the world leading transportation experts, Creighton Manning, who has worked on projects including the Super Bowl, Indy 500, and Bonnaroo. These plans were developed over months of planning meetings with the MTO, township, county and OPP. Their plans never predicted seven mile line ups on the highway. 

Once again we urge you to read the comments on our petition. It is abundantly clear that lines 5, 7 and 8 South were not greatly impacted. It is true during peak arrival times that lines 7,8 and 9 were only accessible by hangtags, given to local residents. These lines were only closed to people who had no business being there, for locals convenience. 

During peak RV arrivals for Boots & Hearts, Line 8 ran two lanes North to keep traffic moving on Ridge Road; this was on the Wednesday afternoon for about 2 hours. Line 7 ran two lanes South for a brief period of time as well.  Line 5 was used for RV routing; it remained open for local traffic through both festivals.  

As residents of Oro-Medonte we understand how our roads work, having to take the long way around with one way traffic might add a handful on minutes to your drive at most. We have all had to endure this type of inconvenience whether it was due to construction, an accident or simply having to drive North past the Guthrie Arena just to turn around and use the South bound lanes to get there, it's part of the community in which we all share. 

We get that there was adjustments those living beside the venue had to make, however we will not allow SaveOro to suggest that the whole community was greatly impacted by closed lines and uncontrollable traffic, when the simple fact is, that did not happen! 

Directly from SaveOro's web site:

Listed as SaveOro's #1 Concern:

"The destruction of 100’s of acres of class 1, 2 and 3 agricultural land and Environmentally Protected Land."






















“Thousands of families are affected by the noise, lights, dust, vandalism  and other impacts from these massive concerts and tens of thousands of unruly campers." - Wendy McKay​

"The report stated that 95 % of attendees at the concerts were housed onsite and unable access vehicles, making it near impossible to spend money off site. According to the economic report, the over 7 million dollars must have  been spent at the  5 gas stations,  5 restaurants , 1 LCBO outlet, (Hawkestone)   and 3 convenience stores in Oro Medonte."








To understand the problem with SaveOro and their experts, look at how their previous traffic expert panned out. But do not take it from us, a local to Oro-Medonte, Gerry Kirkby, has expressed his frustration with SaveOro's traffic expert. Click the "Gerry Kirkby" button below to see his email to Cole Engeneering regarding their study for SaveOro. 

Also feel free to read through the actual experience's of Oro-Medonte residents by clicking the button below.  

SaveOro, Newsletter 1, distributed early 2015

Do not let SaveOro, many of which have nothing to do with the agricultural use of these lands, tell you it is being destroyed. Take it from someone who utilizes this land, here are the facts:

"We are a full time farming identity that totally supports Burl's Creeks as they have supported us over the past five years. Fields of grass at Burls Creek are harvested as hay and fed to our many animals. Animals from our farm work in many tourism locations throughout the province of Ontario. To name a few of the locations that benefit from our animals eating the Hay : Santa's Village, Bracebridge, Chudleigh's Apple Orchard, Milton, Summer Residential Horse Camps in Algonquin Park and through out the Muskoka's. With the expansion of the park we expect to harvest more hay in 2016, before the fields are manicured for the festival events. Prior to Burls Creek being developed, the overgrown, non productive farm fields, were dormant! Burls Creek can still support the farming industry as well as tourism. Golf courses and manicured lawns in sub-divisions can not support agriculture! We look forward to having a continued relationship with Burls Creek Event Grounds!" - Big Curve Acres Farm

It is clear that this land is not being destroyed; it is being used to help local farmers and businesses! It does not add up that the farm land is being destroyed and yet continues to be farmed. It seems SaveOro's #1 concern is yet another exaggeration!

​Read More Comments Here: Save Burl's Creek Petition Responses

“Thousands of families are affected by the noise, lights, dust, vandalism and other impacts from these massive concerts and tens of thousands of unruly campers." - Wendy McKay​

Is this where much of save SaveOro's membership truly comes from? Local members have reached out to organizations like World Activist Group. The World Activist page has 1,352 members. As you can see in the picture, Stephanie and Allen signed. They reside in Ocate, New Mexico and Albany, New York. Allen is one of the Administrators to the page, he carries respect in this global group no doubt. He has also tweeted the post, as he states in the image. Much of  World Activist Groups' member are based in the USA however some span from as far as Somalia and the Domocratic Republic of Congo. 

There is no telling how many "members" were recruited by these means. Our list is published clearly on our site, with names and locations, SaveOro will not names and locations of members. We ask that no Save Burls Creek member attempts to garner any support from other countries, we would like to keep this issue local. 

What really happened is property values in Oro went up 16% from 2014 through 2015. We might be out a bit but overall that's what happened. See the link below. They didn't go up that much for everyone mind you, but 16% overall. Thanks SaveOro, for once again scaring hell out of us for nothing. 









To see the reality, simply take a look around you! Our community remains beautiful, peaceful and overall united. It seems that the most likely force to ruin this community is SaveOro. Their misinformation, scare tactics and thug like approach, will not stand any more. Our community will only strengthen and grow as Burl's Creek becomes a staple in our community. 


This image is nothing but a scare tactic! There was only a total of 10 camping days during 2015 at 2 festivals. Burls Creek intends to reach no more than 3 festivals a year in coming years. These events hold camping on land owned by Burls Creek and they should be allowed to use them as such. Withholding the proper zoning is a childish tactic forced upon the Township by the harassment of SaveOro members. 



Save Oro and WORA would like us to believe that Burls Creek will be an eye sore. The reality is that these fields were clear of campers and garbage with great speed following WayHome as well as Boots and Hearts. 


While we sympathize that some very local residents had a noise issue, and one night of WayHome resulted in excessive noise, the facts simply do not add up that thousands of families are effected. Click the box below to see what locals are really saying about noise.​

This is getting out of hand. SaveOro has decided they now speak for anyone living south of Highway 11. This quote is directly from their web site on January 16th 2016.

"These concerts severely disrupted the lives of residents in the small rural communities living south of Highway 11. The vast majority of these residents are not in favour of this type of development and growth for Oro-Medonte."


"The noise was loud and unbearable to those living adjacent to or south of the events."











​ ​ 









SaveOro held nothing back trying to scare our community on this one! Below is a statement SaveOro actually made in regards to Burl's Creek's development. 



It is fact that, at best, this is extremely exaggerated! With our petition and comments being completely open to the public, all it takes is a quick browse of our responses to see this is not true. Not only have many residents south of Highway 11 openly admitted they were not disrupted, they applaud the planning and benefit of Burl's Creek. SaveOro, do not speak for this townships residents, let them speak for themselves, some are already tired of your antics. One resident of Oro-Medonte, from South of Highway 11 has this to say:

"I support Burl's Creek. During last years events I had no disruptions to my normal routine. I was able to drive the area unimpeded, did a dump run, made a trip to Hawkestone (Oro people know what I mean!!). I have written letters in support of this venture to council and Burl's Creek. "Save" Oro, you do not represent me or the majority of residents that I have spoken with, please stop saying you do. I understand that you are upset, we all get it. You made it quite clear the first night of soccer while videoing the families entering the park and the "traffic chaos" that occurred, which by the way happens every year as new families bring out their children for the first time. I applaud that the comments on Save Burl's Creek are public for all to see, not hidden. I love the Friday markets, soccer, auto shows. This is a great opportunity for our community, thank you. Looking forward to 2016."​​

With well over 1300 signatures to date, more than 250 being Oro-Medonte residents, most living South of Highway 11 and an overwhelming majority of signatures being from Simcoe County, it appears SaveOro is wrong in stating they represent the vast majority. More accurately it seems they represent themselves and their own interests, rather than look out for the community around them. 

Read more comments here:Save Burl's Creek Petition Responses

Traffic Issues

Perhaps the most over exaggerated myth SaveOro insists on trying to scare residents with is traffic issues. This issue has been abused by SaveOro and takes some work to show just how out of hand they have let things get. 

Traffic was deemed SaveOro's #2 concern on their web site, stating:  

"Oro’s inability to handle the traffic resulting in the closing of lines 7, 8 and 9 and the rerouting of traffic from Hwy 11 onto 15/16 side road and ridge road.  Restricting residents from their own homes."

SaveOro has since stated that the traffic "did not materialize." So we must ask, why do these lies still remain on SaveOro's website? It seems they would still like Oro-Medonte Residents and other potential SaveOro supporters, to believe that traffic was or will be an issue, despite the fact it was not and will not be.

In acknowledging that the traffic did not materialize, SaveOro is now trying to shift the blame for the misinformation surrounding traffic onto Burl's Creek. Their full statement reads "The traffic that the Developer predicted (seven mile line ups on the highway) did not materialize, however Lines 5, 7 and 8 South were greatly impacted with Lines 7 and 8 closed at various times." It seems the misinformation will never end. 


The above comments seem to have been removed from Facebook. However, SaveOro and WORA continue to boast an unproven membership. The most recent update on SaveOro's web site now states they now represent "over 500 local residents, cottagers and farm families." The question remains, why can we still find statements like "SaveOro and WORA boast a total membership in excess of 1,400 people," and "SaveOro Inc. (“Save Oro”) and West Oro Ratepayers’ Association (“WORA”) now collectively represent over 1,600 subscribers and members," still on their web site? It seems they are welcome to readers being misinformed and misled (If the links do not show these numbers, perhaps SaveOro has finally removed these misleading statements, however this is accurate as of Thursday May 5th 2016). If you wish to see the number in support of Burl's Creek please click the Petition tab at the top of the page, from there you can see our entire petition. 

This gridlock simply did not happen. Local residence, concert goers (both local and tourist) and (OPP) local law enforcement have attested to this. 

​Read more here.

Once again, where are these thousands of affected people? If there was vandalism it certainly did not affect thousands of people. Once again we ask, how can Burl's Creek adjust and help if you will not be accurate or talk openly?

The above statment is directly fromSaveOro's web site. Farmers, small business owners, cottagers and long time residents are the body of their group, according to SaveOro. 

Here's a Few More Things You May Find Interesting

1. SaveOro conveniently forgets about local accommodations such as Bed and Breakfast's, camp sites and the rental industry. Local's hosted their houses and rooms on Airbnb, motorhomes were booked solid for both festivals and campsites certainly shared in the busy schedule. 

​2. Some staff for the events stayed for extended periods at local accommodations. This was not included in the study and is conveniently ignored by SaveOro. 

4. With 95% of people on site, that leaves 5% off site. A total of 3,937 attendees stayed off site. Their food, accommodations  and travel adds up quickly!

Local Hotels have recently voiced their support for Burl's Creek. Check the link below to see their support!



It seems this issue will not be put to bed. Recently an update on SaveOro's website once again stated "Township residents will bear most of the events’ costs — congestion, noise, potential negative impacts on property value — while any actual economic benefits are likely to accrue elsewhere in Simcoe County." It seems a statement from the OPP is not enough to stop SaveOro from waving the flag of traffic issues with the two festivals of 2015. We hope that other residents' experiences will help clarify. Below is a link to just a few of our favorite petition comments regarding traffic issues, have a read!

Simply put, there are not thousands of people close enough to be affected by lights. There is a very small number of houses close enough for this issue. Why exaggerate so profusely? The unfortunate few that may have been affected are being drown out by the exaggerations. How can Burl's Creek adjust if you are not accurate?

“Thousands of families are affected by the noise, lights, dust, vandalism and other impacts from these massive concerts and tens of thousands of unruly campers." - Wendy McKay​

SaveOro Myth

"Experts Unanimous in Opposition to Burl’s Creek Event Grounds!!"​​

Ten experts from the disciplines of planning, agrology, acoustical engineering, environment and ecology, economics and other disciplines submitted reports critical of the proposed use.


It seems this issue will not be put to bed. Recently an update on SaveOro's website once again stated "Township residents will bear most of the events’ costs — congestion, noise, potential negative impacts on property value — while any actual economic benefits are likely to accrue elsewhere in Simcoe County." It seems a statement from the OPP is not enough to stop SaveOro from waving the flag of traffic issues with the two festivals of 2015. We hope that other residents' experiences will help clarify. Below is a link to just a few of our favorite petition comments regarding traffic issues, have a read!


Watch for blue update boxes on some of our previous Myth VS Reality posts! There is plenty of new and interesting information to read.

Only two events were scheduled for Summer 2015 - Boots and Hearts and WayHome Festivals. Total attendance for Boots and Hearts reached 44,929 while WayHome totaled 33,811 concert goers. Expected growth is 5-10,000 - largest possible festival expanding to about 55,000 people. 

​(Audience Research 2015, Regional Tourism Organization 7, Burls Creek Event Grounds Inc., RepublicLive Inc. h

SaveOro is sharing these images in an attempt to scare locals. Yes there are 58 event days and 27 days of camping. To clarify these ‘events’ include: Huronia Fur & Feathers (Spring and Fall), Automotive Flea Markets (Spring and Fall), Barrie Friendship Centre Pow Wow (Relocated), Tough Mudder Parking, Recreational Soccer Club, Ok Friday Farmers Market, potential concert dates and existing festival dates.

Certainly can seem like a busy schedule, however if you take time to break down this information you can see, the usual Oro-Medonte summer schedule does not change so much.

Previously Existing Events:
2 Days - Huronia Fur & Feathers
8 Days – Spring and Fall Automotive Flea Market
1 Day – Tough Mudder (As can be seen above, this event shares a weekend with the Flea Market)
          11 Days of events that locals are used to and have not caused concern in the past.

Events SaveOro Supports:
13 Days –
Recreational Soccer Club
15 Days – Farmers Market, SaveOro’s Agricultural concerns suggest they support the local farmers at this event.
          28 Days we believe SaveOro to be in support of/not opposed to.

Last Years Events:
7 Days – Contemporary Music Camping Festival – Including Boot & Hearts and WayHome
          7 Days

Possible Future Events:
1 Day – Barrie Friendship Centre Pow Wow – This event has been moved to a new venue, Save Burl’s Creek does not know of any plans to fill this day at this point in time.

4 Days – Contemporary Music Camping Festival Dates
6 Days – Potential Contemporary Music Concerts (single day concerts) – 6 available dates does not mean 6 actual concerts!
          Maximum of 11 potential days.

After breaking down the proposed event days it does not seem as frightening as SaveOro would lead you to believe. We know the 7 event days of WayHome and Boot & Hearts went extremely well last year, we assume a 3rd festival will also proceed with great success. This means that the only remaining dates of concern are the 6 days of concerts, which as mentioned above, 6 dates does not mean 6 concerts, this is most likely not achievable for one venue. However, we trust Burl’s Creek’s great track record of success to ensure these remaining days proceed smoothly. 

"SaveOro said upwards of 80,000 people would be scheduled to arrive in Oro-Medonte on several weekends throughout this (2015) summer"



​(SaveOro, Newsletter 1 - Early 2015 before Feb 19th Meeting at Oro Station Hall - Image Below)

SaveOro and WORA openly state they collectively represent over 1600 subscribers and members. While on paper they may show this many, we certainly do not believe these numbers. With members leaving SaveOrofollowing the concerts and tactics like the images below, how can we trust these statements?