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Ontario College of Trades!

Burl's Creek represents a great source of income for young students looking for extra employment in the summer and experiences that lead to career development. Minimum wage for all employees was set at $12.50, a welcomed raise to many students. This work was featured at local job fairs in Oro-Medonte Township. 

Oro-Medonte should be proud and excited to have such an opportunity. Other communities are asking to have such events meanwhile, SaveOro is fighting to remove this phenomenal resource.  


There is plenty of work to go around for each and every event. For example, security requires 600 staff, while the stage production requires hundreds of skilled crew members. Much of this was headed by a local stage company. 


We cannot turn our backs on an opportunity like this for the members of our community. Some have families and others have tuition. These jobs represent a great opportunity to earn income. 


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Economic Impact