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Is the term “SaveOro” accurate? - Dave McKee

Economic Impact


It is not every day that a large corporate investor decides to invest in a small community like our own. Local business', vendors, students, charities, youth groups, concert goers and event enthusiasts all stand to gain from Burl's Creek.

​​​​​SaveOro said visitors would be sleeping illegally on lawns all over the township.  To the best of our knowledge this did not happen or if it did it was an isolated incident that was easily rectified. 

SaveOro have said on their website that there are 1400 active members in SaveOro who are vigorously opposed to Burl's Creek because they live right next door.  We do not believe this.  We realize there are still a few members in SaveOro.  We think maybe 100 at most.  Where are the rest?  Perhaps they could publish the names and then we will believe.  We fully intend to publish our list. 

SaveOro have practiced a campaign of harassment and intimidation of various government agencies by calling them multiple times per day (up to 30 at times) and virtually overwhelming those agencies.  It appears the objective was to make it seem like many more people were opposed to Burl's Creek than actually were.  SaveOro was incredibly vocal. In some cases this initially worked. But no more!  Our local government agencies should be able to work in the interest of this Town without harassment and impediment to their jobs.

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Some SaveOro members have acted like bullies.  In fact, sometimes they have acted like an unruly gang of geriatric thugs.  When someone tried to speak in favour of Burl's Creek at the last public meeting they were booed and shouted off the podium by angry members of SAVEORO.  At these same meetings, Burl's Creek and Republic Live staff have been physically pushed and threatened.

SaveOro says more of the economic benefits of Burls Creek go to Barrie and Orillia, not just Oro Medonte.  This is probably true and we think it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! A comprehensive study released since the Boots and Hearts and WayHome festivals, reports approximately $34 million of spending in Simcoe County.  Barrie and Orillia need this economic uplift as well as us.  As Burls Creek matures the business people of Oro-Medonte will also learn how to reap more financial rewards from Burls Creek and the people they bring to our area. Everybody can win! 

We don't say that certain people don't have legitimate concerns regarding Burl's Creek but SaveOro came out of the blocks with unparalleled fury right from day one. How does one negotiate with people like this when nobody is prepared to listen?  People got up to speak at the first meeting and they were booed and screamed at constantly by members of SAVEORO until they left the stage.  Ryan Howes (VP of Business Development) was also explicitly told he could attend a SaveOro meeting but would not be allowed to speak.

Burl's Creek has not been perfect, but they will be massively better for Oro-Medonte than no Burl's Creek. Burl's Creek has the potential to become the best thing that ever happened to Oro-Medonte.  This township should work with them to the best of their ability to help maximize the good they can do for the local area.  If this means cutting some corners to speed up this process, we think this should be allowed for the benefit of the entire township.  We should be helping Burl's Creek not impeding them.  Oro-Medonte Councillors need to do what is right for the township as a whole and not simply listen to a very vocal self interest group (SaveOro) because they make a lot of noise!

SaveOro says they don't want or need the jobs produced by Burl's Creek.  Some members of SaveOro have actually said in writing that all those jobs are all semi worthless low end jobs not worthy of the people of Oro-Medonte.  Does no body read the news? (The Globe and Mail, January 7th, 2016) Welfare can be a tough go.  Bankruptcy can be even worse.  WE CAN'T AFFORD TO WASTE ONE SINGLE JOB IN OUR TOWNSHIP.  BURL'S CREEK IS OFFERING HUNDREDS OF JOBS!  SAVEORO WANTS TO THROW THESE JOBS IN THE GARBAGE.  What planet are these people living on?


SaveOro!  What do you propose to replace the benefits Burls Creek has to offer in terms of jobs and financial stability for this township?  We would love to hear your ideas.

When people constantly exaggerate or embellish it eventually comes home to haunt them.  So today we stand to ask you the hard questions and challenge your exaggerations and bent truths.  Why are you harassing local government and why are you wasting Tax Payers money?  Do you really have 1400 actively involved members like you say?

We have been given the chance to have a huge business like Burl's Creek in our township; we should cherish the opportunity and not toss it in the garbage because of indecision.  You never know how tough the future may be.  For example Horseshoe Valley Resort, Mount St. Louis Resort and Hardwood Hills are all excellent businesses and a credit to this township.  This year the weather turned on them through no fault of their own and made the Christmas holidays a real challenge, no doubt at the cost of many jobs.  They will overcome this challenge but not without large costs. Jobs are really important in Oro-Medonte.  Please do not throw them away just to appease a self interest group. 


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Myth vs Reality


The actions, communications and aim of SaveOro has been to spread fear of Burl's Creek by exaggerating and lying. We only wish for everyone to know the truth and facts about the situation.

Our Position – Please Take the Time and Read Carefully

This website is not owned, nor is it paid for by Burl's Creek.  It is owned by some concerned citizens and businesses of Oro-Medonte Township and area, who are upset that a privileged few citizens of Oro-Medonte (SaveOro), want Oro all to themselves.  They want no changes at all.  Their objective is to kick Burls Creek out of this township, jobs and all.  There are a great many jobs and financial benefits at stake for our area.  To get an idea, please read the economic impact study under, ‘Economic Impact.' 

SaveOro is a relatively small but very vocal self-interest group.  They appear to be using similar tactics to those used to shut down dump site 41 near Midland.  It seems they may be getting advised by the same people.  Burl's Creek is not a dump site; rather it's a huge financial benefactor for the entire County of Simcoe. 

SaveOro people are our neighbours.  But what they want for this township is not what this township needs in these tough economic times.  These people are seriously misguided when it comes to the future of our township.  WHAT WE NEED ARE JOBS! 



In their campaign to eliminate Burl's Creek, SaveOro has exaggerated extensively.  It appears that their objective has been to instill an environment of fear toward Burl's Creek in the citizens of Oro-Medonte.  If this isn't extreme fear mongering, I ask you, just what would you call this press release?  Read the article, it is there in black in white, "fatalities will occur." 

For example, SaveOro said there would be 4 to 8 mile backups and total grid lock throughout Oro-Medonte during all concerts.  Some of their exaggerations were as bold as claiming that 7 hour waits were imminent!  There was almost nothing. This has been attested to by concert goers (local and tourist), local citizens (7th line, walking distance from Burl's Creek), and David McKee (Chairman of The Hitch House) who drove the area throughout both concerts approximately 20 times.

SaveOro also stated that all concessions above and below Highway 11 would be rendered impassible for a number of miles in all directions before and after each Concert.  That did not happen either.  In fact, local OPP has since stated that the traffic plan worked as planned and in turn, did not contribute significantly to traffic along highway 11

SaveOro have said the noise would be unbelievable.  But Burl's Creek actually shut down the stock-car track which ran usually 3 nights per week from April to October.  The stock-car track was really loud.  There was some loud music on the concert nights it is true, specifically at the WayHome Festival.  In response to the volume issues at WayHome, Burls Creek completely retuned their sound systems to have as little acoustical impact on the surrounding area as possible.  Some locals (line 7 residents) have expressed “disappointment” from not being able to listen to the headliners at night during the following Boot and Hearts Festival.  As well it is Burl's Creek's intention to continue improving the acoustics as much as possible in the future. 




Of course it is not all about the money! Burl's Creek is a staple of the Oro-Medonte community. The Barrie Automotive Flea Market's, OK Fridays Farmers Market, Huronia Fur and Feathers and local sports programs all serve to strengthen the Oro-Medonte community.